Ice Hockey Workouts


Ice Hockey is unlike any sport in the world. You need bone-crunching strength, vicious power, explosive speed – and it’s all done on skates while your opponent is trying to blast you into the boards!

To unleash the all-star hockey player in you, you MUST have a mind-blowing off-ice strength and conditioning program. That means strength training, plyometrics, and speed/agility drills.

In the past you had to hire a private strength coach to create your workouts and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars a month. But those days are over.

Ice Hockey Workouts is the only resource in the world filled with a full year of ice hockey-specific off-ice workouts created exclusively for serious hockey players who want to take their game to the next level. Strength training, foot speed and plyometrics – it’s all in here.

And as a special bonus, you’ll have free instant access to the world’s largest network of workout sites in the world crammed with over ten thousand workouts! I’m talkin’ medicine ball power sites, agility sites, bodyweight only workouts, and much, much more…